I is Me
Me is Mine
Mine is Yours
Yours is for You
You are Mine
Mine is Me ………
Me is I……….

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Ultimate association of Kabul & Sindhu: When love becomes immortal.

A folk tale of Kabul and Sindhu   Once upon a time…. 💮When Sky wasn’t polluted and the Earth hadn’t populated like today. Mother Earth had only two tribes Hindu Kushas and Ka…

Source: Ultimate association of Kabul & Sindhu: When love becomes immortal.

Ultimate association of Kabul & Sindhu: When love becomes immortal.

photostudio_1487430464851A folk tale of Kabul and Sindhu


Once upon a time….

💮When Sky wasn’t polluted and the Earth hadn’t populated like today.

Mother Earth had only two tribes Hindu Kushas and Kailashiis.

Hindu kush

💮Hindu Kushas were very peaceful people lived on the feet of their ancestor father figure of Hindu Kush, Kabul was a young and the most handsome prince ever, he loved to play flute. When he played his flute clouds came together around Hindu Kush mountains to listen him only.

Mount Kailash

💮Kailashiis also lived on the feet of their great grandfather Mount Kailash. Sindhu was the prettiest girl on Earth very kind and sweet spoken, Kailashiis were brave hunters.

When both met….

💮Once on a full moon night Sindhu was in half of sleep she heard a sweet magical sound that she didn’t listen before , she was astonished and mesmerized as well as. She got up and came out from her cave and followed  that melody. She ran and crossed all the hills and mountains to catch that sweet melody, and finally she  reached at Attock.

🍁”She saw an angelic prince was playing flute, both were gazing each other,

and Moon was gazing to both from umber.

They smiled and fell in love for forever.”

💮They decided to meet on every full moon night at Attock like melody and poetry.  She sang a song of Firdous  and he played flute and entire universe kept silent to listen them both , they went mad in love.

💮They had been meeting on every full moon night on same place until the lord of Abhorrence noticed them. He whispered to the brothers of Sindhu about Kabul and Sindhu romance. Her brothers got angry , it was a matter of honour for them. Kabul was from enemy tribe, they made a plan to kill him on next full moon night.

💮On next full moon night when Kabul was playing flute and waiting for Sindhu at the same time sindhu’s brothers were binding her with rope and pushing her in the dark cave after that they went to kill Kabul , she was crying, after a long struggle she got success to cut the rope and came out, she ran madly to protect Kabul and reached at Attock but Kabul wasn’t there, she called Kabul loudly but she was getting only her sounds in return, there was only a red flowing water.

💮She looked at Moon and asked , Moon reported to her all the scene how her brothers killed and threw his body towards Hindu Kush.

🍁” My bleeding heart has left
…. its mark in the temple

You have every right to wash
my body in a …. wine lake. ”

– Hafiz Sherazi
💮Sindhu had lost her mind and returned with a broken heart and sat down on the lap of Mount Kailash both lovers were banished to each other from now.

💮Sindhu and Mount Kailash had been crying together till the next full moon night came . Sindhu requested to Mount Kailash ” i want to meet my Kabul, please allow me, i have to go ” , then Mount Kailash allowed her to melt into her continuous flowing tears and became a river.

💮Finally she turned into crystal clear River, she ran down to meet her Kabul and on the same place where they met in the beginning again they met as River Kabul and River Sindhu to made their love immortal.

🍁” Drink a drop of heaven
by catching …. the warmth
of a moment.

Indulge in love into a great joy ….
allow a smile to linger your lips
and walk through sunlit places.

Sing a song of hope and happiness
…. and embrace the beauty of the
blessings of life. ”

– Unknown

Attock where River Kabul and River Sindhu meet, colour of River Kabul still in red.
Kabul River

The Kabul River is a 700-kilometre long river that emerges in the Sanglakh Range of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and empties into the Indus River near Attock, Pakistan.

Indus River/ Darya e Sindh/ Sindhu.

The Indus River, also called Darya-e-Sindh or Sindhū River or Abāsīn, is a major south-flowing river in South Asia. The total length of the river is 3,180 km which makes it one of the longest rivers in Asia.


📝 Attock is a city in Pakistan. Firdous is a highest paradise on heaven. I heard that short folk tale in my childhood, added some characters like Mount Kailash, Hindu Kush, Moon , the Lord of Abhorrence and both tribes; also two sufi poetry  to dramatized the tale little.

Build bridges not wall


Build bridges not wall
farness has been increasing and venom occuring so on,
we are isolated being now and darknesses are around.

Let sunlight come freely,
let fragrance of spring spread easily.
Aren’t you tired to see the tears
and aren’t you tired to be in fear……

No difference my eyes are open or closed,
broken bodies and living deads
have been embossed.

Revolution is destruction,
we need evolutionary construction.
This journey is so long,
bridges are necessary and wall should not to be drawn.

Let’s build small houses, gardens and green plains,
let’s celebrate our interdependencies and
let’s human being again……..


By Mahnaz Akhter
Copyright: Mahnaz Akhter

Nafs & Ruh

What is the difference between Ruh and Nafs.photostudio_1483711517841


Most popular phrase of philosophy to  describe the totality of life. Basic threefold of the existence,it is a considerable reality that Life isn’t a single entity.There are folds within fold. Here I am focusing only on human life.

English: Body+Mind+Spirit

Arabic:  Jism+Nafs+Ruh


Nafs (نَفْس) is an Arabic word occurring in Qur’an for the meaning of self, mind , psyche, Soul, conscious. Basically Nafs is the system of thought process,ego would be the vivid word for the understanding overall Nafs is the recognition of self , a bridge of consciousness between body and spirit. Actually only Nafs defines the totality and existence.
Body and spirit are dependent on Nafs for self definition secondly for actions  ( for example: Nafs work as processor as well as connectivity software). Center of Nafs is brain (mind , thought process and decision making ability). By nature Nafs is calculative, reactive and rational furthermore Nafs performs through desires and freewill. It’s mentioned in Qur’an  “ By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it;
And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;-
Truly he succeeds that purifies it,
And he fails that corrupts it!”
(Cha: As Shams 7-10)

Three basic folds of Nafs are these,

1.Nafs-e-mutma’innah/The tranquil self on peace: 

Significance of this Nafs are these like  pure, positive, enlighten and the reflection of divine. It hates materialistic approach and worldly desires, it is satisfied with the will of God.

“ (It will be said to the pious): “O (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction!
Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing unto Him!
Enter you, then, among My honoured slaves,
And enter you My Paradise!”
(Qur’an chp: Al fajr 27-30)

2.Nafs-e-ammarah/The inciting self:

This fold of Nafs allows everything without any conditions and morals , it’s instinctive, demonic, negative , sloth, ignorant and destructive , it allows to do evil actions,  this is the most lower self, as mentioned in Qur’an:
“ Yusuf says “Yet I claim not that my nafs was innocent: Verily the nafs incites to evil.””
Islam emphasizes on the importance of fighting to the inciting nafs, one tradition holds that Muhammad said after returning from a war, “We now return from the small struggle (Jihad Asghar) to the big struggle (Jihad Akbar)”. His companions asked, “O prophet of God, what is the big struggle?” He replied, “The struggle against nafs.”

Nafs-e-luwwamah/self aware Self and self accusing Self:

This fold of Nafs is calculative, rationalist  and aware of good/bed. It has craving and attachment, passionate and very active too however on the other side it is an accusing self also. It makes a balance between deeds and greed. In fact this the self that makes a difference between animal and human. Self aware and confident-conscious-determined active self  “a human self”.
Here the nafs is inspired by your heart( self on peace), sees the results of your actions, agrees with your brain, sees your weaknesses, and aspires to perfection.
“ And I swear by the reproaching soul to the certainty of resurrection”
(Qur’an chp:Al qiyamah 2)


Ruh (روح) is an Arabic word meaning spirit, center of Ruh in body is chest . According to Islamic philosophy Ruh is the origin , a non physical body. It’s mentioned in Hadith “(Physical) Body is just a dress of spirit ( for this material world to perform actions)”. Ruh is the will of Allah pure and divine, before the birth/ arrival Ruh is neither bad nor good, it’s just like an empty transparent glass of water. Actions and deeds decide the character of Ruh and final destination. As per Islamic belief Ruh of all living being was created on the time of first creation, they stay in a different world and have been waiting for arrival in this world. Mentioned in Qur’an chp: Al A’araf – 172  “This is the day mentioned in the words of Allah Most High, “When thy Lord drew forth from the Children of Adam – from their loins – their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves, (saying): “Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)?”- They said: “Yea! We do testify!” (This), lest ye should say on the Day of Judgment: “Of this we were never mindful”” .
Ruh comes as pure in the world with a physical body, but when it goes , it carries Aamaal(Arabic)/ Karma/ Actions, only actions and intentions decide the final destination of every living beings those have free will.

Exploration of consciousness


Who am i ?

I was a hidden treasure,kept myself into a cave of isolation.Once a very strange thing happened in my life,i saw a bright star on eastern sky.

First time in my life

I saw myself and i fell in love,i discovered myself and that was the beginning of the new journey.

I have to spread the light of that eastern star what i have.

5th season of my life

All seasons were around me
But i was waiting for this one
Then a very strange thing happened
in my life
I saw a bright star on eastern sky
I fell in love
You are the only one
Whom i was waiting for
Fifth season of my life
The season of love
It’s eternal for forever
In winters i feel you like warm sun
During hot summer as breezes of ocean
With your name autumn turns into green again
Come to me during spring like rain
O my beloved
All seasons around me
Will pass on except this season
You have won my heart like king
O fifth season of my life
I’ll be brave like Queen…..
No one can conquer my heart
You know why……
Fifth season never goes……..

By Mahi


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